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PROE celebrates all types of athletes, including those who didn't make it to the big leagues but are still making a difference in their own way.


We believe that success as an athlete comes in many forms and we're here to support and help all athletes achieve their goals, whether they're an everyday athlete or aspiring to be a professional.


As the founder, I can relate to their experiences, having fallen short of my own dreams of being in the NBA. Through our brand, we showcase the stories of these athletes to inspire others and celebrate their accomplishments, no matter how big or small.



PROE's mission is to empower athletes to perform at their best, while looking and feeling their best. We provide high-quality apparel and accessories designed to meet the demands of rigorous training and competition. Our goal is to support athletes of all levels in their pursuit of excellence, by offering top-notch gear and inspiring a community of dedicated athletes.

PROE's ambitious vision is to become a leading global sport apparel brand, providing top-quality gear and resources to athletes of all levels. In the next 10 years, we aim to expand our product line to cover a wide range of sports, and establish a strong presence in key markets around the world. Our goal is to become the go-to destination for athletes who demand high-performance apparel that looks and feels great. We also plan to build a community of dedicated athletes, united by their passion for sport and a commitment to excellence, while contributing to social causes that align with our values.

1. Spread love through community 2. Get better

3. Learn from mistakes 4. Stay strong and composed 5. Use your difference to your advantage. 6. Help one another 7. Have fun

8. Enjoy the journey 9. Fight for what's right

10. Teamwork makes the dreamwork.



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